Den Helder, Netherlands

Den Helder Airport is prepared for Covid-19

Measures Covid-19 at Den Helder Airport

  • Masks are compulsory in accordance with central government legislation, from the entrance to security. The mask should always be worn correctly. People who do not wear a mouth cap here will be addressed by a security officer.
  • Request for contactless payment.
  • Separate waste bins placed specifically for masks.
  • After arrival, disinfect your hands at the disinfection column.
  • The doors of the safety briefing areas remain open for ventilation purposes.
  • Inspection of luggage and cargo is carried out with a number of protective equipment.
  • All passengers departing from Den Helder Airport will receive two face masks upon check-in. One for the flight to the offshore installation, one for the flight back to Den Helder.
  • All passengers are required to wear the mask they received at the check-in desk from the entrance to security.
  • Incoming passengers with symptoms leave the airport directly through the gate.
  • What can I do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?
    ➢ Wash your hands very regularly
    ➢ Cough and sneeze into your elbow
    ➢ Touch your nose, mouth and face as little as possible
    ➢ Wear your mouth mask correctly
    ➢ Contact your employer if you experience any health complaints.