Den Helder, Netherlands

Den Helder Airport is prepared for Covid-19

Measures Covid-19 at Den Helder Airport

  • It is the responsibility of passengers and employees to respect the social distance of 1.5 meters in the airport buildings.
  • Mandatory masks in accordance with national government legislation, even when sitting! The mouth mask should always be worn correctly.
  • Persons who do not wear a face mask are approached by a security officer.
  • Request for contactless payment.
  • Separate waste bins placed specifically for masks.
  • Passengers who are not (yet) allowed to enter the terminal can use the Dixi toilet that is located outside the terminal.
  • Passengers are not allowed to enter the terminal until the 'Corona' counter is manned.
  • Access control with “fit to fly” survey for passengers and staff.
  • Medical personnel (external) carry out a temperature measurement at the entrance using a thermal imaging camera and perform tests on the offshore passengers.
  • Outgoing passengers with observable flu symptoms will be refused even if already in the building.
  • After the Corona check, you will receive a wrist sticker with which you can check in.
  • After arrival, disinfect your hands at the disinfection column.
  • Temporary waiting areas created in the terminal and the Airport Office to minimize the crowds in the central hall.
  • The doors of the safety briefing areas remain open for ventilation purposes.
  • Inspection of luggage and cargo is carried out with a number of protective equipment.
  • Metal objects are no longer placed in a tray but are visible on the counter for inspection.
  • All passengers departing from Den Helder Airport will receive two face masks upon receipt of the survival suit. One for the flight to the offshore installation, one for the flight back to Den Helder.
  • All passengers are obliged - from security check - to replace their own face mask with the face mask they received with their survival suit.
  • Mailbox outside the departure hall for depositing boarding passes before departure of the flight.
  • When the passengers of the last flight are checked in, the main entrance is closed. Security then monitors if access is required.
  • Incoming passengers keep the mask on until they have left the station building with their luggage.
  • Incoming passengers with symptoms leave the airport directly through the gate.
  • Life jackets are disinfected upon return from a flight at Den Helder Airport (DHA).
  • Incoming immersion suits will not be used for 7 days before being reissued to passengers.
  • Couriers and suppliers use specially designated access points to the freight agents. Couriers and suppliers are not allowed if the freight agent is not present. 
  • An exception policy for access to the building applies to emergency services and government agencies Koninklijke Mareschaussee, Customs, Police and maintenance personnel for crucial failures in the infrastructure, electronic and structural installations at Den Helder Airport.
  • The terminal is closed on weekends when there is no air traffic. Security then monitors if access is required.
  • What can I do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?
    ➢ Wash your hands very regularly
    ➢ Cough and sneeze into your elbow
    ➢ Touch your nose, mouth and face as little as possible
    ➢ Wear your mouth mask correctly
    ➢ Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and the airport staff
    ➢ Contact your employer if you experience any health complaints. 
    If you have any questions and / or comments regarding the medical check-ups at Den Helder Airport, please contact your employer.