Den Helder, Netherlands

Residents' email from Defense Helicopter Command

Night flying

At this time of year, it gets dark later, so De Kooy's helicopter crews will fly longer from Tuesday 31 May to Thursday 2 June. They use various practice and low-flying areas in the Netherlands and above sea to carry out training.

The NH90 crews train in the evenings until 01.00 at the latest in the vicinity of Maritiem Vliegkamp de Kooy (MVKK).

 Train night vision equipment

During the training sessions in night conditions, the DHC crews use advanced night vision goggles (Night Vision Goggles or NVG) to see well in the dark. This allows them to practice navigating and flying at low altitudes, among other things. It takes a lot of skill to work properly and safely with NVG.

One of the Cougar kites gives you more information about flying in the dark in the following video:† The Cougars are stationed at Gilze-Rijen Air Base.

Photo: Annalies Kemp