Den Helder, Netherlands

Established companies

An overview of the established companies at Den Helder Airport.


Bel Air has great expertise in offshore oil and gas operations - such as platforms, offshore oil rigs, ships and other vessels. The operational, technical and administrative departments have a lot of experience. Thanks to our highly experienced and dedicated employees, Bel Air is a company with a focus on safe operations for the offshore industry.


Biardo immersion suits has a professional distribution network. Our distribution centers are located in Heemskerk and Den Helder Airport. From these locations we supply our customers with all the supplies they need; helicopter transport suits, work suits and SOLAS and ETSO / EASA life jackets for offshore use.


At CHC, we go beyond our legacy, our performance and our current high standards to continuously improve our fleet, technologies, safety and employee performance. We exceed our customers' expectations to deliver the highest levels of service and cost efficiency. And we reach beyond others to transport people to the most remote and challenging locations worldwide - on or offshore.


We offer the total package of logistics services for the offshore wind and oil & gas industry, in the field of helicopter services, shipping agency, customs matters and warehousing. With these services we completely relieve our customers. We create added value through our expertise, reputation and track record, which lead to long-term relationships with our customers. Our involvement in both air and sea transport makes DHSS the preferred partner in logistics services for the offshore energy sectors.


Heli Holland has been a household name in aviation since 1976 and is active in every facet of the helicopter industry. You can contact us for your business and private helicopter flight. We also maintain and repair helicopters and train helicopter pilots.


The international group NHV (° 1997), headquartered in Belgium, specializes in business-to-business helicopter transport services. NHV operates 60 helicopters from various bases in Europe and West Africa and now has nearly 600 employees. Today, the company is mainly active in the offshore sector, with flights for the oil and gas industry and pilotage services. Search & rescue services (SAR) and medical helicopter services (HEMS) are also among the services. NHV is also a recognized maintenance center and has its own training division for pilots. The base in Den Helder mainly serves the offshore O&G sector, but is also 1 of the 2 SAR bases in the Netherlands.


A security organization that focuses on further professionalization of the activities within the Dutch security industry and is engaged in security, safety and services to companies, institutions and private individuals.


Peterson provides a comprehensive range of passenger and cargo helicopter services, which is one of the primary modes of transport for both the offshore wind and oil and gas industries.


Restaurant Vice Versa is located in the station building of Den Helder Airport, where our guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or a complete meal. You can also contact us for catering, parties. You have also come to the right place for pick-up and delivery of lunch and overtime meals!

Rent hangar space

Den Helder Airport has 4 hangars with offices, storage space, sanitary space and kitchen. The hangars can be rented in whole or in part. For more information you can send an email to

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