Den Helder, Netherlands

Flight information Den Helder Airport

Are you traveling via Den Helder Airport? Prepare well. Of course, we are committed to working with our partners to make the start of your journey as pleasant and safe as possible. And with the tips and information you find here, you also contribute to a smooth journey.

All Covid-19 measures have been lifted for flights within the EU/Schengen and for residents of countries that participate in the EU entry rules.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 measures still apply to flights outside the EU/Schengen. For more information, please refer to the website of the Dutch government (

Prepare well


All important information that you as a passenger need to know before your flight takes off.


All important information you as a pilot need to know before you take off.

Freight offshore

Read all information about sending mail and cargo offshore here.

Telephone contact check-in desk

CHC Helicopters Netherlands
+ 31 (0)223 – 677 572

+ 31 (0)223 – 670 603

Questions about or request Vantage numbers
+31 (0)223-670 329

Telephone contact for flight information and oil company check-in times 

SocietyDuring working hoursOutside of office hours
Petrogas +31 (0)223-670 644Idem
Neptune Energy+31 (0)223-670 646Idem Idem
Taqa+31 (0)88-827 25 33 +31 (0)88-827 27 01
Total+31 (0)70-512 93 47 /512 91 08+31 (0)70-512 99 62
Spirit Energy+31 (0)223-670 642 Idem
Wintershall+31 (0)70-372 94 90Idem
NAM / Shell +31 (0) 223-524 440 (between 2 pm and 4 pm)
ONE Dyas+31 (0)223-670 641