Den Helder, Netherlands

About our airport

Den Helder Airport was founded in the late 1970s with the rise of the offshore industry on the Dutch Continental Shelf and has developed over 50 years into the Netherlands' only all-round offshore aviation center.

Since the early 1980s, Den Helder Airport makes joint use of a number of facilities of Maritime Air Base De Kooy. This concerns the joint use of the runway, air traffic control, fire brigade and meteorological information.

The airport is also part of the vital energy infrastructure and is the only airport in the Netherlands from where passengers can depart to the primary energy areas thanks to a strict Covid-19 procedure.

Netherlands Offshore Aviation Mainport

Den Helder Airport is the primary choice for the offshore industry, partly thanks to its perfect location in relation to the wind, oil and gas fields that are centrally and in the southern parts of the North Sea. But also because of the efficient connection with Schiphol. Den Helder Airport is the founder and prominent member of the European North Sea Heliports Alliance (NSHA), consisting of the 6 main offshore airports of 5 European countries around the North Sea, which together are responsible for the transport of more than one million passengers per year.

Den Helder Airport is equipped for the future with all the facilities of an international airport. Traffic control, 1.3 kilometers ILS runway, 12 spots, 5 hangars, passenger and baggage control systems, terminal, check-in desks, handling companies, security, military police, customs, underground fuel bunkers, secure parking spaces, etc. This allows Den Helder Airport also develop direct fixed-wing flight connections between Den Helder, UK and Denmark, together with the airports of the NSHA. That also contributes to a sustainable energy transition.

The effect of the climate agreements will radically change the energy system in the Netherlands and the rest of the world towards 2050. Also in the North Sea, where 22,500 large wind turbines will ultimately supply a large part of the European energy demand. The energy transition is therefore important for the future of Den Helder Airport. The modern offshore helicopter has been proven to be clean, safe and extremely efficient and will always remain a logical, but also sustainable choice for the transport of technicians and small cargo.

In 2012 Den Helder Airport facilitated more than 24,000 flight movements. It is expected that this will decline after the phasing out of oil and gas extraction, which will ultimately leave room around the North Sea for 5 to 6 offshore airport centers. Consolidation is inevitable. It is important that the Netherlands, with Den Helder Airport, continues to be part of this. By making all ground operations sustainable by 2030, facilitating maritime drones and optimal design, Dutch offshore aviation is ready for the future.

Useful information

Opening hours

Den Helder Airport is open on weekdays from 7 am to 10 am and on weekends and national and Christian holidays from 7 am to 12 am and from 3 pm to 8 pm.

House rules

Read here all important information described in our internal regulations.

Lost and found

For lost items you can contact NoordWest Services & Security by telephone +31(0)223-637 770. All lost items will be reported to the municipality of Den Helder. You can find your lost item via the following link


Smoking is only allowed outside at Den Helder Airport. There are ashtrays to the left and right at the entrance to the terminal. 

Noise pollution

Den Helder Airport and Maritime Air Base de Kooy do their utmost to cause as little noise pollution as possible. For any complaints, please use the online complaint form or call 0800-022 60 33 or +31 (0)223-658 670.


For spotters there a good locations alongside the fences of Den Helder Airport. On the website of Spotting Group De Kooy you will find photo material from spotters at Den Helder Airport. Here you will also find information about the most suitable spotting locations. The spotters also have a group on Facebook called EHKD-Spotters MVK De Kooy / Den Helder Airport.

Photo of Annalies Kemp


Den Helder Airport offers various facilities comparable to other Dutch airports, such as:

A meeting room is available on the first floor of the terminal with a beautiful view of the platform. The space has air conditioning and a conference table with 12 chairs. The rental price is € 120.00 per half day, excluding VAT. This price includes the use of the projection screen, whiteboard and 65″ screen.

Coffee/tea and full catering can be provided by Restaurant Vice Versa, located in the terminal.
You can contact Vice Versa directly regarding the catering.
Telephone: +31 (0)223-660 541

The Terms and Conditions apply to the meeting room of Den Helder Airport. 

In the terminal there is restaurant Vice Versa where you can enjoy a drink, a small snack, a sandwich or a warm meal.

Restaurant Vice Versa is open Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 6:30 PM. On Saturday and Sunday the restaurant has limited opening due to limited flight operations.

Den Helder Airport offers free fiber optic internet so that you can check your e-mail, send documents or surf the web at the airport, using your own mobile device.


Den Helder Airport has a large parking lot within walking distance of the terminal prices.  

Baggage lockers can be rented in the terminal for a fee of € 10.00. Click here for the terms of use.

A parking space is available for the disabled in front of the main entrance of the terminal. There is an adapted toilet in the central hall (suitable for wheelchair).

Baby care is available in the ladies' toilet in the central hall.

The motorcycle and bicycle shed is located between the airport office and the terminal. 


Den Helder Airport is one of the top 3 in Europe when it comes to the number of landings.

Flight movements







Our airport has been around for 50 years now. Below is an overview of our rich history.