Den Helder, Netherlands

Den Helder Airport, the Dutch offshore airport.

Den Helder, February 2021

In the late 1960s, when the oil and gas companies discovered that it was more efficient to fly from Den Helder to offshore locations, the municipality of Den Helder constructed a helispot a stone's throw from a residential area. With this, the “municipal heliport” was a fact. As a teenager I visited the heliport for a school project, not knowing that years later, in a different location, I would be the director.

In the early 1980s, the heliport moved to its current location where it could make joint use of De Kooy Maritime Air Base. In the years that followed, the Municipal Heliport grew into a professional airport.
After a partnership was entered into with the then KLM ERA Helicopters, now CHC Den Helder BV, the name was changed to Den Helder Airport.

We now have about 50 years of experience in providing services to the offshore industry, with a fully equipped terminal, and we not only provide our services to the oil and gas industry, but also increasingly to the wind industry.

Developments over the past 50 years have been rapid and steadily continuing, and I am not only talking about the development of the offshore wind industry, the development and deployment of drones and flight connections between Den Helder Airport and European offshore cities, but also about these new website! I cordially invite you to follow these developments here and of course via our social media channels.

There are still many great opportunities for the further development of my pride, Den Helder Airport Netherlands Offshore Aviation Mainport!

Conny van den Hoff