Den Helder, Netherlands

Information for passengers

Are you traveling via Den Helder Airport? Prepare well. Of course, we are committed to working with our partners to make the start of your journey as pleasant and safe as possible. And with the tips and information you find here, you also contribute to a smooth journey.

Travel documents

All passengers undergo a security check before departure and must carry a valid passport or European identity card. Offshore passengers without a valid passport or ID card will not be checked in.

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Offshore passengers are not allowed to bring hand luggage. All luggage must be checked in as hold luggage. More information about luggage can be found on the website from NOGEPA.

Passengers on private flights can bring hand luggage in consultation with the operating airline.

Prohibited Articles

It is forbidden to take sharp or pointed objects in hand luggage or to wear them in/on clothing. This also includes pocket knives, (tie) pins, nail files, scissors, razor blades, etc. Prohibited are all types of firearms or replicas, all pointed and edged weapons/objects, explosive and flammable substances (aerosols), chemical and toxic substances.


Mobile phones are allowed on the plane or helicopter, provided they are switched off.
Except for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 type, these are not allowed on board the helicopter. There is no storage facility at the airport for this. Furthermore, it is not allowed to bring power banks or bluetooth speakers as luggage.


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It is not allowed to bring E-cigarettes and/or lighters and refills during the flight.