Den Helder, Netherlands

Heli Holland on the move

If you have been to the North Pole and the South Pole three times with your helicopters and your work area is in between, then the 200 meters between Hangar 3 and Hangar 1 seems like a small step for the relocation of material and helicopters.

Nevertheless, this is an important move for Heli Holland because it corresponds to the philosophy of Heli Holland to have your own hangar that you do not have to share with other users and where you can further expand the company according to your own wishes in accordance with the EASA- requirements imposed on this.

For Heli Holland, hangar 1 is such a place to further expand the offshore company and to receive customers in a neat professional environment and possibly show them around.

We will convert the line station in hangar 3 into a base station in hangar 1 for major and minor maintenance on our and any customer helicopters.

Also on our wish list is to start up an EASA part 21 design office in hangar 1 for mainly electronics modifications to helicopters in order to respond to the demand for the many upcoming adjustments with regard to radio and navigation equipment.

All future foreign expansions of Heli Holland Offshore will be led and controlled from Hangar 1. It is indeed true that we believe that with Hangar 1 we have gold in our hands for the future that looks rosy for Heli Holland.

René van der Haring
CEO – Owner Heli Holland