Den Helder, Netherlands

Procedure for foreign GA traffic

This protocol only applies to passenger flights within the EU or passenger flights that meet one or more situations on the list of exceptions.

(see List of exceptions to the European entry ban | Coronavirus COVID-19 |

Procedure for foreign GA air traffic:

  • Pilot submits flight plan to Maritiem Vliegkamp De Kooy. To request a PPR, please fill in the form this link fill in and send by email to
  • Since the guidelines of the central government are constantly changing, we refer you to Travel and Vacation | Coronavirus COVID-19 | for taking the appropriate measures.
  • After landing and parking your aircraft at the place designated by CHC Operations, you will be escorted to the arrivals hall by a platform employee.
  • Security will guide you further through customs and immigration.
  • You must pay the landing and handling costs at security. This is only possible per pin.   

The Dutch Immigration has the right to refuse you entry.