Den Helder, Netherlands

Terms of use lockers

It is not allowed to keep in the locker:

  • Alcohol, drugs, narcotics.
  • Weapons, dangerous substances and explosives.
  • Dirty and smelling clothes.
  • (Spoiled) food.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Use is made by payment by means of a coin of value obtained from the machine after payment of a € 10 note.
  • The management of Den Helder Airport reserves the right to open and evacuate the locker in the event of misuse, under the supervision of Security. The contents of the locker will be retained by Security for 1 year.
  • If objects / substances are found that are prohibited by law, the police will be called in.
  • Maximum period of use is 1 month (after that the locker will be vacated).
  • In case of loss of the key, an amount of € 15 will be charged.
  • Using the lockers means acceptance of the above rules.
  • There is camera surveillance for your own safety and security.